New D appeared at the very end of Vol. 10 Chap. 2 - It's suspected by many fans that he is most likely the reborn Papa D...however he refers to the current Count D as "father" rather than Sofu D as father and may be yet another D. It is also possible that this "New D" is the current D's son, as Papa D's reincarnated human form was seen in volume ten of the original series to have blond hair, whereas this D has the same black hair as the other incarnations of D. Since all members of the D family are identical (except for the color of their eyes) and the manga was in black and white, it's impossible to say which D he actually is. He winds up meeting Chris Orcot (now an adult and an FBI agent) 20 years after Papa D's death. He invites Chris in to talk when offered some cherry tarts.