Formally known as Count D's father. Just as no one ever knows what Count D's true name is, D's father's name is never revealed. He is sometimes referred to in fan circles as "Papa D." He is somewhat manipulative and holds a grudge against humanity for destroying the environment and many species of animals. His own son doesn't trust him very much, even believing him capable of kidnapping Chris at one point. D's father looks almost exactly like his son (even with identical fingerprints), except that his hair is much longer and both of his eyes are purple. Like D, he is not human, but his species is not revealed.

It is known that he attended to the university in 1975, passing as an exchange student from Hong Kong and being occupied with research at a genetic engineering laboratory. During this time, he met a human by the name of Vesca Howell, who later abandoned his career as a medical doctor to become an FBI agent, his sole intent being arresting D's father, as he, like Leon Orcot with Count D, believed him to be a criminal. Such goal was never fulfilled, though, as both died by the end of the series; Leon shot D's father, and D's father killed Agent Howell. In the Manga "Papa D" is reborn as a human and carried off by "Sofu D" to be raised as his son.