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Pet Shop of Horrors is an horror manga created by Matsuri Akino. It focuses on Count D, an mysterious pet shop owner, who sell strange and extraordinary animals for people who want them. That is what it appears on the outside at least. The animals he sells often appears humanoid, either to all the buyers, or simply to one in the family. This leads often to problems and benefits to some of the patrons and the outside world.

The count describes it like he sells "love, dreams and hopes", but it isn't always happy endings for the patrons who buy the strange animals... Especially if they break the contract given to them. You are never truly sure what is real in this fascinating manga.

An story discussing of human morality, as well the animal suffering we humans have provoked, this is an multilayered manga who leaves you with a lot of things to reflect on. This is an episodic manga with horror elements, but it is also very much a supernatural mystery with a red thread. And it is all happening deep in the heart of china town.

This manga is also adapted to an 4 part anime. It also has an sequel titled: Pet shop of horrors: Tokyo.

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